Professional Services For Independent Writers

Everyone has a story to tell. And with so many writers choosing to self publish, it is no surprise there are companies and individuals looking to exploit the dreams of those who hope to see their story in print. Indie Author Solutions was founded by writers in order to help indie authors safely navigate the ins and outs of the self-publishing process.

Indie Author Solutions is not a vanity press. We will never charge you to publish your book because our services are meant to guide, teach, and collaborate with those interested in assisted self-publishing. 

Whether you write short stories or poetry, Indie Author Solutions can provide active, one-on-one services as you prepare your project for publication. Choosing Indie Author Solutions will ensure your dreams remain intact and no one benefits from your story but you.

Indie Author Solutions Is Here For You

Self-publishing can be tedious, complicated, and at times overwhelming. We can assist you with all aspects of your project. Our experience will help guide you down the right path to success. We have developed  the 3 P’s method for any type of publishing project. We refer to these as the pillars of perfection. Each area is vital along your self-publishing journey. Your trust along with our experience, knowledge, and understanding will help create a strong foundation for your project to be built upon.

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Your platform is the forum through which you connect to your following. This is essential when creating visibility for your audience. An author's platform is necessary for any writer's journey.


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Getting your story ready to read can be daunting. The Self-publishing process is not over when the last word is written. In fact, the task of getting your book to publication has just begun.


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Promotion and marketing starts well before a book is ever completed. Effective promotion ensures readers are ready to buy your book before it launches and continues long after its publication day.


What our clients say

“From book set-up to final product, Indie Author Solutions walked me through it all. Their editing process puts you at ease and provides excellent one-on-one time. When my books were edited and notes given, Indie Author Solutions had turned my books into beautiful, polished works of art.” – April Spellmeyer

“Taking what I felt was a lost cause, Indie Author Solutions turned it into something beautiful. Carefully taking the time to read each piece and creating a masterpiece. What started as just a book, was turned into my story, my journey, just the way it was intended to be.” – Margie Watts

“The team at Indie Author Solutions is knowledgeable and uses their own experience in writing, social media strategy, and self-publishing to guide and coach you in all areas of getting your work to a publishable state. You can trust them to listen to your writing goals and help you reach them.” – Mary Grossett

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Share your project with us and let us create a plan together to meet your needs.

No matter if you are establishing yourself as an indie-writer or taking the path to self-publishing, we are here to assist you in realizing your dreams. We are committed to use a non-cookie-cutter approach to ensure your personal needs are met.