How Do You Decide What to Write?

How to come up with writing ideas

I have always been a natural storyteller. Since I was a young child, I was always more interested in reading than watching. For me, when I read a book, I could create my own visuals. I didn’t have to depend on others to show me what to see.  For that reason, I try and read a book before I see the film. Otherwise, the visual is askew. With shorter pieces, I write what comes to me. I have a closeness to all I write. I invest a bit of my time into the words and the end result holds a piece of me.

I find myself writing about so many different subjects. I’m not afraid of hitting on any of them. That’s mainly because my life isn’t set in one genre. Think about how boring that would be if you woke up every day and were stuck a romantic comedy or how young you’d end up dying from hypertension living in a horror film. I know that’s a far fetch, but you understand what I’m getting at. Life happens day by day and minute by minute. I take things as they come and my writing reflects that. Although the majority of my poetry and prose writing is about life and love, the ideas I have for screenplays range from Action-Adventure, to comedy, to thriller scripts. I grab bits and pieces from my daily life. I also capture ideas from things I see and the people I come across. I wrote one of my most popular poems about a stranger. I saw her one day walking alone and I wrote her story. I molded her fears and disappointments simply from passing her in the parking lot of a Best Buy.

Don’t get me wrong, there are writers that excel in certain genres. Nicholas Sparks has to be one of the best Romance novelists in my opinion, just as I feel John Grisham writes the best legal dramas of the last twenty plus years. All writers have their primary niche, but a good writer should be able to tackle every subject with open eyes and no fear. If I had my choice, I’d continue to write about love and life. Simply because it’s what I feel most and what pours out of me much more freely than anything else.

What topics would you write about and how?

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