I Didn’t Choose the Writer’s Life

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It’s amazing just how different the life we live is from the life we thought we would have. Growing up I wanted nothing more than to be a lawyer. I love the debate. I love proving my opinion right. I love finding fault or holes in arguments that directly contradict mine. I am a naturally born litigator. Fast forward 35 years with a few food service jobs, 10 years of bartending, and 15 years of self-employment as a web designer, and here I am, naturally, a writer.

Some could argue, and I probably would be the first in line to concur – writing allows me to give my opinions, my views, my thoughts, on subjects without arguing, and in turn it allows others to subjectively look at what’s written as seen through their own eyes – everyone’s happy and no one goes to jail.

Robert Burns once lamented, “The bestlaid plans of mice and men often go awry.” They most certainly do. I can’t say I never thought of writing as a career. In fact, in my sophomore year of college, I had all intentions in the world to write for the big screen. I was going to make it to Hollywood and write the next blockbuster straight out of the gate. Unfortunately for me, the gate never opened. I stayed on the east coast and so the story goes.   One door closes and another one opens. We choose the paths based on our needs and most times our comfort levels.

The desire always sat just inside my rearview until again a twist of fate would have me rethinking “what’s this life for?” Six years in a terrible marriage left me near penniless and wondering just what I was going to do when I grew up.  I found myself burned out from web design. Tired of chasing payments from clients and most of all, I felt chained down by life in general.   I had spent far too many years as my own boss to work for someone else. I found myself once again wanting to write. With 20 more years of life experiences, I finally had something to write about. But would people read? Would others relate? W

My father had passed away 10 years prior, he was the nudge I always needed to try anything difficult in life. Whether I succeeded or failed, I needed to give writing a shot. I had let it eat at me for too long – the time was at hand. I am proud and happy I did. The number of creative souls I have met along this short 3-year journey, into full-time writing has been astounding. But what really confirms I made the right choice are the countless individuals I have reached with my writing.   The support I have received through comments, letters, messages, and fans, to me is immeasurable.  I have always stated, ‘without you, I have no voice.’ It rings true daily. My words would be but ink stains on a page had it not been for the positive feedback I’ve received and continue to receive daily.

The life we live isn’t always the life we choose. I’m so very thankful for that.


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